about me


Dear Photo-Friends


Thank you very much for your interest!


My name is Nic Keller. I'm a fine art photographer from Switzerland and practice photo manipulation to complement my profession in an educational institution. I create manipulated photos from many of my photographs, putting them together to create a new picture, thus creating surreal images. I preferably design my pictures in black and white. Therefore, contrasts characterize my pictures design. In my compositions, there is often a flock of birds and clouds. These elements are complemented by the primarily small people depicted as silhouettes. 


My works has been published in various international media:

- 100 photographize annual book - best selected 2020 + 2021

- photographize magazine / issue 44/2020 and 01/2021

- monochrome Awards 2019 and 2020  - honorable Mention in categories "Amateur Fine Art and Landscape"

- 1x.com Yearbook VISION 2016 


I live in Bern with my family and work in an educational institution. Even as a child, I loved taking pictures and developing them in my mother's darkroom. Unfortunately, I forgot photography due to studies, work and family. After a long break, I rediscovered my hobby and developed it accordingly in fine art photography. I am happy to present my pictures on the photo site 1x.com and many other photo sites. 


Have fun with my pictures and

al the best


Nic Keller


Berne / Switzerland