about me


Dear friends

My name is Nic Keller. I love photography, capturing nature with my camera and especially fine-art-photography!


I live in Bern, Switzerland, work and have a family. In my free time, I pursue my hobby photography. Even as a child, I liked to photograph and develop my pictures in my mother's darkroom. Unfortunately, I neglected photography because of my studies, my work and my family. After a long break, I did it again, and I am happy to present my pictures on the photo pages 1x.com and many other photo pages. 


Why photograph? 

I love to see the world through the camera and to design the photo according to my taste. Photographing and developing my pictures on the computer enables me to play creatively with the visual language, communicate, and create a mood. This work gives me a sense of freedom and allows me to connect the image I have of the world with reality outside the camera. 


I practice photo manipulation as a complement to my profession in an educational institution. I create manipulated photos from many of my photographs, putting them together to create a new picture, thus creating surreal images. I preferably design my photographs in black and white. When creating a picture, I focus on emotions and dreams; contrasts characterize my pictures' design. In my compositions, there is often a flock of birds and clouds. I am using as symbols for emotions and dreams. These elements are complemented by the mostly small people depicted as silhouettes.Thank you very much for your interest!


Have fun with my pictures and many greetings.


Nic Keller


Berne / Switzerland